a mechanical object with water circulation.
height ca 2,5 m
material wood, metal, acryl glass

By way of the water flowing through the fountain, time is measured. The increasing and decreasing water gauges move floats, which in turn regulate the gauge heights and operate outlets, mechanisms and commutatorsThe fountain is experiencing constant change, of which the animation on the left gives a certain impression.

These transformations are accompanied by the burbling of water, again and again the shwooshing of water, the clicking, creaking and jarring of the mechanism (this background noise is not included in the animation).


From the cistern above, water flows into the water basin , , in which the float opens or closes the feed valve so that a constant water gauge is maintained in the basin. This way, a constant amount of water flows through the blast pipe into the time-measuring basin. The current minute meter reading is indicated by the water gauge. With the gauge, the float rises, and after 60 minutes, the float gears the mechanism of the bung-drawer, the bung is drawn and the water runs into the water blade , pushes it down and the water blade pushes the hour-counter on by meants of the hour-feeder. Through the water blade, the water finally runs into the basin, from which it is pumped back into the cistern with the intake pipe and the pump. The motor of the pump is operated by the float of the cistern.