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D e v e l o p e m e n t

Domaineukaryonten LUDViK CEJP
sculptor, designer
KindomAnimalia (Tiere)
SubkindomMetazoa (Vielzeller)
PhylumChordata (Chordatiere)
SubphylumVertebrata (Wirbeltiere)
Class mammalia (Säugetiere) mammalia (Säugetiere)
Orderprimates (Primaten)
Suborderhaplorhini (dry-nosed primates)
I am especially proud of this!

  Halphorhini - Kaiserschnurrbarttamarin
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Familyhominidae (Menschenaffen)

1962 born in Czechoslovakia

1982 after school leaving examinations I wasn't admitted to university because, according to the personal rating, I was unsuitable for universital studies, due to my non-Marxist weltanschauung (in the former communist Czechoslovakia the personal rating was an essential part of the applicatio to enter university).

However, I was not completely banned from the campus: as street sweeper I was in charge of keeping clean the court of the University of Brno.

Later I jumped in my career by becoming an operator for the heating installations of the student dormitories in the capital city of Prague. Already then I was conscious of the responsible task which layed on my shoulders: without my aid the higher education of the workers and peasant state would have remained unwashed or even frozen to death!

1987 after having achieved all what was possible in the workers and-so-forth-state I turned towards new goals. Take leave from socialism. Unforgettably burned in my memory remain the Czech border officials, who attended my step into the world behind the iron curtain, making these moments easier for me.
There were two of them: one small, but he made up for his lack of height in weight, the other one long and lanky. I think behind that was a bigger idea of the socialist planners, to breed a perfect, socialist man comrade. Indeed, if you'd mix them and then equally distribute them into two new people, those new people would be relatively normal-looking. But the planners seemed to have forgotten that they were both men, and therefore it would be unlikely that they would breed.

The fat one The short comrae seemed to be the brain of the observant duo, the tall one had a short but sharp pencil and a little notebook. He was able to write and therefore the task of typewriter fell upon him. The Brain read diaries, looked at wedding photos, counted socks and pants and the typewriter did his best to keep up with writing everything fown.
What brave border guards, really a showcase specimen! Each of them was adorned with a manly leather belt around their middle, from which small pistols were dangling just above their bottoms (thinking and writing are especially hard tasks of course, but they can be made easier with a psitol sometimes). These added extra dignity to the officialty of their function .

Emigration to Italy, Rome. Not because it is the residence of the Pope, but because there lived my wife. Don't worry, no fictious marriage there!

After staying in Rome and in Switzerland

in 1988 I settled in Hanover (Germany)

from 1990 to 1994 I studied design in Hildesheim (Germany)

The different cultural areas left their marks and scratches, and drove furrows in my work and my character (probably as well in the cerebral cortex).

Since 1995 I am working on my own as an artist and designer.

The core theme of my artistic activity are EXPERIMENTAL KINETIC OBJECTS: they are a kind of portrait of human technology, for which common, sound objects (of daily use), such as clocks and calendars, have acted as a model. The results are bizarre, mechanical and functioning objects and sculptures of bigger dimensions (between 1,5 and 3 m).

Technology is not presented as a rational, logical and scientific matter, but as an irrational, primordial characteristic of human being, which he bears inside himself, no matter whether he considers it favorably or not.

These funny “machinostatues” are often combined with figurative wooden sculptures.The figures are indipendent statues, which are not “harassed” by the mechanism of the kinetic object, but only touched by it.

But what is actually this unreal coexistance between kinetic object and sculpture?
Both themes seem to have nothing in common. However, they share the same storage container - the head of the artist (this is apparently the natural, anatomically conditioned and esthetically best solution: that there is only one head to contain all subjects). In the same natural way two subjects share their place in one artifact.

Moreover, the two subjects are “related”. The kinetic objects are the artistic embodiment of the human mechanistical way of thinking (e.g. the principle of causality is mechanism). On the other hand the sculptures are images of the human being, from whom the way of thinking derives.

The reason why the human beings reproduced are mainly females depends probably on the fact that I, as a representative of the male sex, am more interested in a woman as a model.

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