corpi delicti


H x B x T 178 x 95 x 28 cm
Material vicar's pear - a pear-tree which grew in a vicar's garden

In the Calendaria of two indipendent objects are present- on the one hand the Calendaria, the sculpture of a woman, on the other hand a mechanical composition, a sophisticated mechanical calendar. These two come together in the bustier of the Calendaria. This “work clothing” forms the natural connection of the two objects without the need for maltreating the body of the woman with axles, levers and similars, or the mechanisms to assume pseudo-organic shapes.

Time is measured by the breasts of the Calendaria. The right one measures the days of the week, the left one the days of the month. The rotating movement of the two chronometers is passed on to the big year wheel in the left hand, which indicates the months and the position of the sun (zodiac) on the starry sky. The moon moves within the décolleté. The calendar moves by pressing down every day the spines of the “Alpha-and-Omega-watch” at the right wrist.

Tree Organ
Chronos Fountain
Decolleté Lunaris
calendarium stellare
Dung Beetle Calendarium
Suspended Clock