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Chronos Fountain

a 100 litre chronograph

H x W x D 265 x 100 x 70 cm
material beech, acryl glass, pipes and metals, a toilet flush, stones and 100 litres of water

About 100 litres of water are recycled through this Chronos Fountain and thereby, measure time. The changing levels of water in the different basins move the floats, which in turn influence the wooden mechanics, opens or closes the outlets, switches a pump on and off as and when required or pushes the time indicator forward
The construction is made of water pipes, which my great uncle in the Czechoslowakia had prepared for the development of his estate, but then the Second World War came and then communist rule, the development of the estate was never realised and the pipes were forgotten in the attic for over 70 years. The mechanism is made out of beech wood, which reminded me so uncomfortably of a school desk, that I treated it with an axe instead of with fine saws, in order to get rid of the uncomfortable impression of the wood. A toilet flush was assimilated as well as various base pipes and stones. Unfortunately I had to banish canseven though I liked the way they rusted, but they also had the aggravating characteristic to colour the water rusty, too.

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