corpi delicti

Tree Organ

H x W x D 150 x 170 x 60 cm
Material Material trunk of a grown-together common spruce, various branches, 37 pipes, cerecloth tablecloth, tubes, leather and felt

an organ made from a tree trunk, branches, a huge balloon and 37 old organ pipes (kindly provided by the organ building firm Jaeger & Brommer).
The 37 pipes make 3 octaves. 37 pipes were too many for the little trunk, so I "outsorced", as we say in our modern world, the deepest, biggest pipes into an external register. The air - the wind, as the expert says is pressed into the organ from a huge balloon, which is continuously blown up by a pair of bellows made from the cerecloth tablecloth. more
Those 37 pipes have given me the hardest time in the whole history of my work with art. The problem that they didn't all fit on the small trunk was a relatively small one, easily solved by the adding of an external register. The "enhosement" , meaning connecting the outlets of the individual pipes with hoses on a minimum of space inside the hollowed-out trunk (which was practically filled up with all the outlets anyway) was the kind of work that you should better do with a psychiatrist close at hand.

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