corpi delicti

Suspended Clock

height 220 cm
driwing forceown weight

Mechanical clocksculpture made of wooden residues, a spiral spring from a broken toy and an old electric tin opener

The clockwork is hanging freely from a string and gets driven by means of its own weight. During this process it unwinds the string and moves downwards. The string is led on the upper side over the minutes disc. This way it makes one turn during one hour. After one hour a peg fastened at the disc moves a tumbling switch, thus putting in motion a winding-up mechanism. This mechanism (made of wood and an old electric tin-opener) winds up the clockwork from the bottom by help of a string. Hereby, the minute disc moves one turn back, the peg at that disc moves the hour-disc foreward by one hour and finally switches off the winding-up mechanism. The clock is wound for one more hour

run of the hour
and winding up

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